Fact – Did you know that more than 80% of rainwater evaporates back into the atmosphere? 

When water evaporates through plants knows as transpiration it cools the atmosphere and biological diversity increases.

Harvesting rainwater is an easy way of obtaining free water for your household or business.

Rainwater harvesting is not only a way to make the most of nature’s gift, but containing runoff from your roof and paving will also help improve the overall condition of our rivers and dams plus this recharge of groundwater feeds wetlands.

There are a number of of options for storing rainwater but plastic water tanks, such as those offered by JoJo Tanks, are usually the best and most practical choice.

Rainwater tanks are aesthetically pleasing  and many of the vertical water tanks can be hidden from view or displayed with pride (many colours available, including bush-veld green).  Another option is to store your rainwater in a  6000 litre underground water storage tank– these under ground tanks can be connected in series  to increase the water storage capacity.